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Online / digital
/ hybrid events

For us, the issue is not the digital platform or the software. We have our own cutting edge technical solutions to offer, but we can adapt to individual needs as well. Whatever platform we use, the result is a completely customized online event with engaging content delivered directly to participants’ screens. That’s why we say content matters. Our keywords: experience, visual content, dramaturgy, screenplay, script, stage direction, message, optimization, preparation, live elements.

Online / digital / hybrid events

Safe live events

We believe that even under the current circumstances, it is possible to organize safe live events. We are proud to have successfully demonstrated this at the #PowerOfLiveEvents conference. Our keywords are communication, contactless, social distance, mask wearing, disinfection and individual responsibility. Read more here.

Safe live events


In the current special situation, we have the ability to really think outside of the box. Combined with our organizational skills, our highly skilled, creative talents can produce unique and irreplicable solutions. .Stepping out of the typical online space or the classic event lineup, we develop new ideas that set the brand apart from the rest.

"Miss You, Mom!"

MOL Tankcsapda Drive-In concert

Creative solutions